When? Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 2:00 PM. This is the 102nd anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady at Fatima witnessed by 70,000 people.


Where? Our prayer event will be at Flag Pole Hill, a City of Dallas park located off East Northwest Highway.


Who should participate? We invite everyone to join with Bishop Burns, to pray for Our Lady’s intercession and help for our country, church and diocese.  All are invited: parishes, Catholic school students and their families, youth groups, Catholic groups, clergy, religious, seminarians, everyone.


What will happen at this event?  We shall begin with a procession with the Knights of Columbus supporting a tall statue of Our Lady of Fatima. Bishop Burns will Consecrate the Diocese of Dallas to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Thomas McKenna, with Catholic Action for Fatih and Family, will speak about the Fatima Apparitions. The rosary will be led by clergy and religious with all participating in the responses. We shall pray for Our Lady to protect our country, church and diocese.


How to get there?  Due to scant parking, the best way to come is to have parishes, schools and groups secure buses or organize your own personal car pools. For those driving, there will be designated parking areas with shuttle service provided to and from the Flag Pole Hill Park.


Will there be rosaries available? Yes, for those who do not have a rosary, one will be provided.  However, the best solution is for each to bring their personal rosary.


Is this connected to another group?  We are praying the rosary for our country, church and diocese. A rosary group “Coast to Coast Rosary” has organized over 1200 rosary groups, large and small, to say the rosary at the same time across our country and internationally as well.


What is Flag Pole Hill? Flag Pole Hill is a massive lawn that swoops up covering more than 5 acres. The setting is like a beautiful natural amphitheater where Dallas Symphony has concerts.

How will Flag Pole Hill be setup? We shall have a stage with a backdrop near the lower area. The prayer participants will have their places at increasingly higher elevation so there are all good positions. The areas will be subdivided into sections so there will be aisles separating each subsection. The best places to be are near the front so one can be close to the stage.


Will there be seating?  Each person should bring their folding chair, lawn chair or blanket, in that, seating is not provided. We would ask that people do not bring chaise lounges because they consume too much space and there will be no times during the program where it would be appropriate to sit in a chaise lounge. 


Will I be able to hear? This public rosary is outdoors. We plan to have a strong speaker system so everyone should be able to hear. But we are covering a very large area and are working diligently to ensure all can hear well. Again, the best place to find your spot is center and up close to the stage. That said, there should be no undesirable places.

Will there be bathroom facilities?  We plan to have porta-potties outside of the prayer area on either side. Additionally, the park has limited facilities at the top of the hill as well.

How should I dress? The venue is outdoors so dress comfortably but be aware that it is afternoon and hopefully in the sun (head covering, and sunscreen protection may be in order).

What happens after the prayer program? Everyone should return to their buses and shuttles for their return to their origin or go to cars. If for some reason a person is not going to return on his/her bus, let the driver know so there is no wait for someone not coming.

What is the plan for inclement weather? The event will proceed rain or shine.

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