There is no parking at Flag Pole Hill so the best way to come is to have parishes, schools and groups secure buses or organize your own personal car pools.  For those driving, there will be 5 designated parking areas with shuttle service provided to and from Flag Pole Hill Park. The 5 designated parking areas are noted on the map below. 

If you are thinking of taking DART to the event,  White Rock Station is served by the Northeast segment of the DART Rail Blue line.  Shuttle service will be provided to and from White Rock Station

5 Designated Parking Areas with Shuttle Service

 #1 St. Patrick Catholic Church (1.8 Miles Away)

       9643 Ferndale Rd. Dallas, TX 75238 

SW corner of Ferndale and Walnut Hill


  • East on NW Highway 0.9 miles to the traffic light at Ferndale Rd (get in left turn lane)

  • Left on Ferndale Rd ~ 1 mile to St Patrick on the left – just past Lake Highland Elementary School

  • Follow the directions of the Ushers into the St. Patrick parking lot.



#2 Knights of Columbus #799 & Northlake Shopping Center Parking Lot (1.0 Mile Away)

10110 Shoreview Rd, Dallas, TX 75238 

Both are where Shoreview Road intersects Ferndale Road from the left


  • East on NW Highway 0.9 miles to the traffic light at Ferndale Rd (get in left turn lane)

  • Left onto Ferndale Rd. and go 0.1 north miles to where Shoreview Road intersects from the left

  • At this point, KOC #799 is 75 yards to the left down Shoreview Road; or, turn immediately right        into the Northlake Shopping Center parking and follow the directions of the Ushers

#3 DART White Rock Station (1.3 Miles Away)

7333 E. Northwest Highway Near West Lawther Dr.


  • Go ¾ mile west on NW Hwy to the traffic light for White Rock Station

  • Take a right into the parking lot and stay left to avoid the DART bus lane

  • Roughly 150 feet further along, take the first 90 degree left and proceed straight to the back row

  • Follow directions of the Ushers for parking



#4 Norbuck Parking Lot (.4 Miles Away)

200 S. Buckner Blvd, Dallas, TX 75217

Flagpole Hill is visible across NW Highway from this lot, which is slightly south of NW Hwy and East of Buckner Blvd.


  • Go south on Buckner Blvd. from NW Hwy roughly 200 yards to the E. Lawther Road exit

  • Take E. Lawther Rd exit another 200 yards to the underpass under Buckner Blvd.

  • Go left at the underpass* and the parking lot is approximately 200 yards straight ahead.  Follow directions from the Ushers once there.

  • Note: be careful of cross traffic as you emerge from the underpass.  Proceed straight when clear.

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