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Rosary & Consecration of Dallas to the Immaculate Heart of Mary


October 13, 2019

Procession Starts @ 2:00pm


Flag Pole Hill Park

8100 Doran Cr., Dallas, TX 75201


Lets gather together for an outdoor public prayer to recite the rosary with Bishop Edward J. Burns who will consecrate the Dallas Diocese to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


2:00 PM

The procession starting at 2:00 PM will include Bishop Burns and the Knights of Columbus Honor Guard carrying the statue of Our Lady of Fatima

2:15 PM

Thomas McKenna, from Catholic Action for Faith and Family, 

will give a talk on Fatima and the apparition of 1917

2:40 PM

Pray the rosary for our country, church and diocese

3:00 PM

Bishop Burns will consecrate Dallas to the

Immaculate Heart of Mary

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